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America, the Beautiful Part

I have lived in many different states across our country, from the low rolling hills of upstate New York to the humid forests of central Florida, from the lush plains of the Midwest to the scorching desert of the Mojave, and from the frantic hustle and bustle of Southern California life to the bucolic quietude of the islands of Northwestern Washington.

I have seen tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes (including a particularly exciting one 40 miles off the Virginia coast), sandstorms, and the occasional forest fire. I have seen sunrises over the New Mexico desert, just as the hot-air balloons were taking off, and I have seen the sunsets both from Key West (probably the most beautiful on the planet) and from the beach of the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, CA.

I have driven the length of Interstate 5, from San Ysidro, CA, to Bellingham, WA, both ways. I have driven almost the entire length of Interstate 10, from Santa Monica, CA, to Jacksonville, FL. I have lived in La Vieux Carre (the French Quarter) in New Orleans, LA, during the annual Mardi Gras parties.

I've done a lot of things, and been a lot of places, and I have never seen a nation with as wide a variety of people and places as I have seen here in the United States. People disparage us because "most Americans don't have passports". I revel in the fact that I don't need one. If I want to visit a different culture, I can find one that is to my liking, and I don't have to have anything but the money to pay for it. (And, thanks to the limitless opportunities here, I have that kind of leisure time.)

Look around you, and see - really see - the beauty that is staring you in the face every time you turn around. You live in the Urban jungle? A short drive away is hundreds of square miles of open fields and real grass! You live in farm country, where the tallest thing you're ever likely to see is your neighbor's grain silo? Buy a ticket, and you can be taking a cruise down the Mississippi River, just like Mark Twain did it.

If you started out on the west Coast of France (Brest, for example), and drive east for a few thousand miles, you could pass through half a dozen countries, and end up somewhere near Moscow. If you do that in the US, starting near San Francisco, you'll pass through a single nation, and end up near Washington, DC.

So the next time people start putting Americans down just because we donb't have to carry passports, tell them, "That's a feature, not a bug."

A half-week between posts

makes the heart grow fonder. Mish-mash post ahead, so read on.

Got into it with some Liberal Democrats (definite members of the ABB Club) today.....both from solidly anti-Bush camps (African-American Liberal and anti-Vietnam Vietnam vet). Both give Bush no credit for anything, and agree on the following:

---Bush lied about Iraq, and that Iraq was wrong

---Bush did not win the election....he 'stole' it

Now, I told them that I do not accept their arguments. They, of course, blasted me as being 'closed-minded'. I told them that, in all actuality, I knew there were some things that I believe that Bush could have done better in Iraq:

1. Have a better plan for the remnants of the Ba'ath Party, as it is clear that their plan was to avoid meeting our forces in the field during open warfare, and try to 'Somalia' us.

2. Control the Iranian and Syrian borders better.

They said, as if with one voice, "What else?" They expect me to have a litany of items, of course, I don't. Things are going well enough in Iraq, with less than a 1% casualty rate, a country within 3 weeks of full soverignty, with the populace sick of the fascists and terrorists trying to kill them, and full UN recognition of the interim government.

And, of course, the economy is producing jobs, the standard of living is growing, and the GDP is through the roof. I stated that Bush is spending too much of my money....they don't have that much of a problem with that, though.

See, both men shared disgust with Bush BEFORE 9-11-2001. One said that Bush was a bigot (no proof, just the assertion), the other hates him because he beat Gore. These guys cannot give Bush credit for any good, and are only able to assign negative aspects to him, even though the War and the economy are doing well. All they can do is hate him.

They are indicative of the Left in this country. See, Bush is a bigot, even though his Secretary of State, his National Security Advisor, his Secretary of Education, and his Secretary of Housing and Urban Development are 'African-American', his NSA, Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of the Interior, and Secretary of Labor are women, his Secretary of Labor is 'Asian-American', and his secretary of Transportation is as well. See, the truth doesn't matter...Bush HAS to be a bigot, and a racist, because that is the worst thing a person can be to an 'African-American'-leftist. This guy was even critical of Bush being in the air on Air Force One on 9-11...think about that for a minute.

My friend that went to Vietnam (and served admirably) hates Bush because he beat Gore, and that HAD to be crooked. Bush had to have cheated, because he won. Gore was a liberal man, and could not possibly lose to a guy WHO SKIPPED OUT OF VIETNAM! This friend of mine hates war, but hates a guy he believes (again, without proof) tried to avoid adult cams service.

See, they hate because they want to....they need to. Bush can do nothing good in their eyes, because he is a conservative. They hate him because of that, without knowing him, or looking objectively at his policies and beliefs.

They are closed-minded. They are bigoted. So, I told them that. I told my black friend that he didn't have proof of any Bush racism, and that I refused to accept his arguments because of his blunt, emotional, uninformed hatred of Bush. This angered him. I told my vet-friend that the hatred of Bush that he showed right after the 2000 Election had also jaded his view. He grew angry.

Pesky Constitution and safe-harbor laws. The nerve of some Founding Fathers.

Anyways, it pissed me off. The political divisions in this countryhave been created by the doubt. This can be proven because even though Bush has shot spending through the roof, the liberals still hate him. He does what they want (too much, I am afraid), and they still want his head. Leftists hate him so much that they are actually rooting for the Iraqi terrorists to win. The Left works to bury good news from Iraq. They work to ignore stories that the UN has found evidence proving WMD's from Iraq.

The idea that the right has done this is pure bullshit. Compare Rush Limbaugh to Ted Rall, and you will see the difference.

John Wayne

One of the things that always bothered me were the artificial subdivisions that were caused by the use of a particular bit of punctuation, and the use of that punctuation in describing ones heritage.

I'm part Indian, and I have had many people tell me of all of the benefits that could be had from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, including free health care, educational benefits, maybe a share in a casino, etc.

I've told them all that I think that I would be deliberately separating myself from the nation around me. I hear people call themselves "African-American", "Mexican-American", "Italian-American", "Asian-American", and all I can think is that these people are trying so hard to remember the first part that they forget the second part.

I am an American. I am proud of being an American. I have done everything I could to improve my society and give back to the nation that has given so much to me. But choosing to start using that bit of punctuation would mean that I was concentrating on being something other than just an American.

You can call me a polack

But don't you dare call illegal Mexican immigrants who were trying to vote last week a derogatory term.

Yes I know, just a typical right-wing talk show host spouting off and being racially insensitive. Well about being outraged that illegals were trying to vote in this past election? Is that too hard to get angry over? Noooo, that's nothing, just flick it off the radar screen. We've got some right-winger using a term to get all pissed off about.

Sheesh. So taking him off the air, or permanantly as the perpetually pissed off persnickety Mexican-American Hispanic activists want to have happen, will accomplish what exactly?

It is just a word. For crying out loud, there are bigger things out there to get worked up over. Is this really one of them?

That term was "wetback". Oh no, did I just do the same thing? Oh me oh my...

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