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A DU Double Feature

John Hawkins has once again braved the depths of insanity to show us what the DU is saying these days. With the ongoing invasion of Fallujah by our soldiers (and it's about damned time!) and the continuing counting of overseas votes cast by those self-same soldiers (which are trending heavily towards the GOP, as they always do), the DU is going absolutely apoplectic with lunacy.

-- FL, OH and EVERYONE: Help Sort the Vote Fraud Smoking Guns

-- Whose guarding the NH Ballot Boxes?

-- Air America...You should be live until all votes are counted

-- Join the WE DO NOT CONCEDE Coalition!

-- The Exit Polls vs. the Actuals: Who do you believe-CNN or your lying eyes?

-- Stop talking @ '08 work on FRAUD now!!!

-- UERGENT: VOTE FRAUD? Tell everyone you know -- details

-- Still don't believe they stole it? Look here

-- OMG They Murdered the Inventor of TruVote

In just a quick scan, we have multiple allegations of widespread fraud, and premeditated murder. But that's only the beginning...

Gyre: "I don't support them (the troops)."

Coventina: "If it turns out that the military vote went Kerry, I'll start caring for them again. But as long as the evidence points that they think Bush should be their leader, well, I don't need to worry about them, because they're doing exactly what they want to be doing. And I feel justified in despising them for it."

buff2: "Support the troops........who overwhelmingly voted for Bu$h. Phuck that."

Marx_redux: "The other ones that mindlessly kill "rag heads" and cheer about it should go straight to hell."

livinbella: "I do not support the majority of our troops in Iraq. In no way shape or form."

highpitch: "screw em. they voted for chimp let them die."

beniciodeltoro: "US soldiers: May Satan take you all."

Can we start to question their patriotism now? Please?

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