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Roughly translated, it means "taking joy in another's misery". It describes what I'm feeling pretty effectively, because I have been proven not only accurate, but right.

Lemmetellya, being "right" is a whole lot more fun.

To be accurate, I missed with the Electoral Vote count, because the 80EV margin would have to be right about 309-229, and Bush only got 286 to Kerry's 252 (assuming that Bush wins Iowa - official results are still pending, with Bush ahead by about 1% with 99% of the precincts counted).

Nevertheless, I am gleeful in the alleged suffering of such asshats as:

George Soros, who funneled HUGE amounts of money into the Democratic Party, numerous 527 groups, and Air America, in an attempt to buy an American Presidency.

Michael Moore, who is going to have four more years trying to come up with some semblance of a reasonable conspiracy theory explaining why a proven majority of America still supports the man he so hates. (Difficulty: no mention of Diebolt)

Robert Redford, who has "threatened" to flee the country and move to Ireland if Bush won. Hey, Sundance! Need any help packing? You want I should call a cab for ya? Can we persuade you to take Alec Baldwin and Babs Streisand with you? (I'm guessing Ed Asner would be asking a bit much. Besides, Ed might prefer Cuba.)

Speaking of which, I wonder how many of those dillweeds over at DU are going to "flee" to Canada. I'm reminded of a Bible verse from my childhood. "The wicked flee when no man pursueth" (Proverbs 28:1a) One last word of advice to those asshats: "Bundle up really warm when the ground turns white, and don't eat the yellow snow."

John F. Kerry, who still needs to come to some level of closure with the Vietnam Veterans he spent so many years disparaging. Put another way, Kerry spoke more admiringly of the Communist leadership of North Vietnam than he did of those men who went on every single one of those patrols in 'Nam. He has yet to apologize for those words, or to tell us what the truth actually was.

Tom Daschle, whose eligibility to run for office as Senator for South Dakota was being called into question, since Daschle moved his "principal residence" to a posh DC suburb, rather than the State he was being paid to represent (something about a tax write-off, but let's not worry about that bit* where Senators have to actually reside in the State they represent, okay?). But the citizens preferred someone who wasn't quite such an annoyance to the man they wanted in the White House. Tommy managed to be the first Majority/Minority Leader to lose a re-election bid.

Bill Clinton, who might have stood a chance at being the first American to be elected Secretary-General of the United Nations, if Kerry were in the Oval Office. As it is, he will become another Jimmy Carter, a former Democratic President (with a piss-poor record) from a southern State. Worse news, he doesn't know how to build a house.

Hillary Clinton, who will have to run for re-election, and win, with a popular President who will be pushing hard for her defeat. If she wins, it will be because New Yorkers are gullible enough to remember that they will have her in office for only about a year (out of the six) before she announces her bid in the run-up to '08. (A scary alternative, she wins re-election in New York, waits for a Dem in the White House again, and tries to wrangle for a Supreme Court appointment.)

I may not be laughing out loud, and shouting things like, "IN YOUR FACE, John-John!!" - at least, not now - but I can take a quiet pleasure from knowing that their dreams are thoroughly shattered, requiring a complete redrafting around the current reality of a Bush second term.

Schadenfraude. The word just ... fits.

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