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The Hell with That

Bush won, Kerry lost. One, two, three.

That being said, I'm not going to start this conciliatory, kumbaya, let's all get along nonsense with the donkeys.

The Democratic party(and all it's support structures) as it stands now, is filled with the most repugnant scum in this country right now. Their efforts to retake the White House failed and their miserable and loathsome outlook for this country is vile.

They've done NOTHING of value or substance in the past four years except rant and rave against George W. Bush. Guess what lost! Big time.

You got spanked by a President you considered a dullard. You lost your Senate Minority Leader. You did not gain control of the House or Senate. And now you're left whimpering, with your dribbling bowels all flummoxed, pondering the future of your movement.

Tough titty I say. You assclowns think we're going to forget BUSH=HITLER just like that? Do you think we're going to forgive Michael Moore and George Soros for trying hijack this country? Think again cretinous donkey felchers.

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