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Looks like the assault on Fallujah has begun.

Do we kick the doors down and raise hell (or drop MOAB's from crying out loud) or do we let up again?

Think the election being out of play would have anything to do with how we act now? Is that too cynical?

Or is it cynical to think Kofi Annan would be for wiping out terrorists (in Iraq of all places-who'd thunk it)?

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan and others have warned that a military offensive could trigger a wave of violence that would sabotage the January elections by alienating the Sunni minority, which forms the core of the insurgency.

I think it's abundantly clear how irrelevant the U.N. has become.

I was just wondering

How well did Bush improve on a county-by-county basis from the 2000 election to this time?

(To save space on the front page, I'm putting this on the Extended Entry.)

We all remember the county map of the 2000 election...

That was quite an impressive showing, when it comes down to the land area controlled by those who voted for Bush over then-Vice President Gore...

But as an incumbent, did Bush do any better? Did he, in fact, win over more counties, or did he just use the highly energized base in those counties? (Or did he actually lose counties and the Democrats still couldn't win?!?)

Maybe one of you Photoshopping experts can put them together and get a direct comparison? (I'll be updating the '04 image as more complete information becomes available, but if anyone has an updated image I may have missed, let me know.)

More obvious correlations have already been made by wiser and more discerning bloggers (such as the fact that the Blue areas are all very close to water, or on Indian reservations, or only in high population centers, etc.). I'm just looking at the county maps for right now...

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